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Cosmosgroup.ae is an angel investment company which provides comprehensive support to the budding community of start-ups and entrepreneurs in the Middle East region. Our team of experienced internet entrepreneurs have partnered and counseled several web start-ups in the region.

We respect the spirit of entrepreneurs and start-up community. And it is disappointing to hear about a potential start-up not able to scale up due to lack of funds. When we provide financial backing for such startups or entrepreneurs, we invest in the person rather than the firm’s viability. This helps us focus on helping the business succeed under any circumstances.

What differentiates us?

We are focused on helping the business succeed, rather than reaping a huge profit from their investment.

Why choose our services?

Our expertise in building and helping a business grow successful shows in our 5 characteristic traits-

  • Strong business networks in all government authorities- this eases the process of documentation to set up a business which takes the most time
  • Custom-made communication strategies to understand client’s business
  • Experts with in-depth knowledge and networks
  • In-depth understanding of UAE laws and regulations
  • Services delivered within stipulated timeframe

Our value proposition which differentiates us from the competitors:

Last but not the least, what has earned us a place ahead of our competitors is our capability of quick document approvals and attestation from different government authorities.

If you want your time and money to be well invested then our ideal business solutions will be tailor-made for you.